Capoeira Cordão de Contas- Mestre Torpedo

Learn Capoeira in Brisbane's South- Sunnybank beginner course starts 4 May 2017

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1 Month Beginners Course

Join our Capoeira community- passionate and supportive practitioners of a deep and holistic Afro-Brazilian art form that transcends martial arts, music and ritual and is a philosophical framework for approaching and interacting with the others and the world at large. This beautiful game offers the world a tool and methodology to embrace the highest aspirations of the human spirit: freedom, joy, wisdom.

Our May beginners course starts 4 May. Click here to register and get 50% off! 


“Capoeira is art & art comes from the heart- when you allow your heart to speak through the movements of your body, the music you make from the instruments, the lyrics you sing, and the sounds of your voice, then it's poetry, it's joy, it's pure & it's love- whether the expression of your heart's desire is spoken through an aú, a martelo, a macaco, sport, work, business, a conversation, a smile...”

— Professor Lobo